Adidas Superstar VULCThe Adidas Heartfelt is a collaboration with Adidas, skater Mark Gonzales, and Canadian artist Andrew Pommier, on a vulcanized sole Superstar. Other collaborations with Andrew have been done on a Mid Top Superstar, as well as a Slip-On. A Bone brown/white base makes up a good portion of the shoe. That's alright though, because it looks great with the black and red accents. The black rubber shell toe means no creases - A sneakerhead favorite. A black midsole is contrasted with a red strip, that coexists with the red liner. The signature part of the shoe is Pommier's artwork found throughout the shoe. A stabbed ghost, a cell phone, broken hearts, bottles, a house, and an Adidas Originals notebook to include a few of the sketches. A must have for any fan of Pommier, modern art, and Adidas.